Crystal Shores ™ Mosaic Tile

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Photo features Sapphire Lagoon 2 x 1 Brick-Joint Mosaic on the backsplash.

Give your walls dimension with the modern visual effect of Crystal Shores. This mosaic blends colored crystalized glass and blocks infused with metallic texture for truly radiant designs. An array of beautiful colors available in two sizes amplify the ambience of relaxing bathrooms and dramatic accents.

— Offers trend-defining finishes and a high-end visual
— Unique blend of crackled glass and metallic-look tiles

— Two sizes: 2 x 1 brick-joint and a random linear
— Six different color blends with stunning finishes
— Coordinates easily with classic and contemporary floor and wall options


  • Crystal Shores is produced using a special manufacturing process that makes each piece unique. Color, shading and irregular edges are characteristics of Crystal Shores and are inherent in standard production. These subtle variations can impact the final grout joint appearance and enhance the natural visual of this series.

  • Strong random shading enhances the natural beauty of this product. To achieve optimal results, tile should be selected from multiple cartons and shading arrangement planned prior to installation.

  • Since there are variations in all glass products, tile supplied for your particular installation may not match these samples. Final color selection should be made from actual tiles and not from tile samples or color reproductions. Manufactured in accordance with ANSI A137.2 standards.

Tile Thickness:
Grout Joint
Shade Variation:
Random (V4)
  D.C.O.F. Moisture Breaking   Chemical Abrasion
Wet Absorption Strength MOH's Resistance Resistance
    .00 < 0.1%  > 100 lbs. 4.0 Resistant N/A

A DCOF value of > 0.42 is the standard for tiles specified for level interior spaces expected to be walked upon when wet, as stated in ANSI A137.1-2012, Section 9.6. For more information about DCOF and the DCOF AcuTest™, click here or visit the Tile Council of North America's website:

Floor Applications
Target DCOF wet Suitable
Dry & Level - Interior n/a  
Wet & Level - Interior ≥ 0.42  
Commercial Dining Areas ≥ 0.50  
Exterior Applications; Pool Decking & Other Wet Areas with Minimal Footwear ≥ 0.60  
Covered Exterior ≥ 0.60  
Ramps & Inclines ≥ 0.65  
Other Applications
Pool Linings  
Size     Shape
2 x 1 Brick-Joint Mosaic
(11 3/4" x 12 3/4" sheet)
(29.80 cm x 32.39 cm sheet)
Pieces Per Carton: 10
SQFT: 9.70
  2" x 1" Brick-Joint Mosaic
Random Linear Mosaic
(11 3/4" x 13 7/8" sheet)
(29.80 cm x 35.24 cm sheet)
Pieces Per Carton: 10
SQFT: 9.70
  Random Linear Mosaic